Friar's Beverage Starters

Mimosa -
Champagne & Orange Juice
Champagne -
by the glass
Bloody Mary -
Han Vodka & Spicy Bloody Mary Mix
Peach Bellini -
Champagne & Peach Bellini

Old Fashion Egg Breakfasts


All breakfast are served with our Friar Potatoes (sliced n diced w/onions) or Cottage Cheese and your choice of Toast or an English Muffin.
(1.00 more for egg whites)
Cornbeef Hash & Eggs
Hamburger & Eggs
Bacon & Eggs
1/2 Bacon, 1/2 Sausage & Eggs
Ham & Eggs
Canadian Bacon & Eggs
Sausage Patty & Eggs
Just Eggs - $7.95



Served with Friar potatoes, or cottage cheese& choice of toast
Joe's Scramble -
Sauteed Mushrooms, Onions, Spinach & Ground Beef Scrambled in Eggs
High on the Hog -
Bacon, Sausage, Ham, Scrambled in Eggs with Cheese on top
Veggie Scramble -
Zucchini, Mushrooms, Artichokes, Onions Scrambled in Eggs with Tomatoes & Cheese on top

Mini Meals

1 Egg $6.50 or 2 Eggs $7.50

For the smaller eater or chile! Please order by #
(no split orders)

*Choose your meat!
2 pieces of Bacon, 2 pieces of Canadian Bacon or Sausage Patty
#1 English Muffin, 1 or 2 eggs and *Choice of meat
#2 Two Pancakes 1 or 2 eggs and *choice of meat
#3 English Muffin Topped with Cheese & Canadian Bacon
#4 Two Halves of French, 1 or 2 eggs and *choice of meat
#5 Egg Sandwich, Toasted Sourdough with Cheese on Top & 2 strips of bacon



All of our 3-egg omelets are served with our Friar Potatoes (sliced n diced w/onions) or Cottage Cheese and your choice of Toast or an English Muffin
(1.00 more for egg whites)
Puttin' Head -
A great combination of Bacon, Cheese, Onions & Tomatoes
Denver -
Ham, Green Bell Peppers, Onions & Cheese
Ham & Cheese -
(says it all) (add Avocado $2.00)
Bacon or Canadian -
Bacon or Canadian Bacon & Cheese (add Avocado $2.00)
The Friar -
Sliced Turkey Breast, Cheese & Tomatoes, topped w/Hollandaise Sauce
Monterey -
Ham, Guacamole & Tomatoes, topped w/Sour Cream
The Italian -
Sausage, Tomatoes, Mushrooms & Cheese
Guacamole -
Spicy Guacamole & Cheese, topped with Sour Cream
Spanish -
Mild Ortega Peppers, Spicy Salsa & Cheese, topped w/Sour Cream
Big Sur -
Ham & Mushrooms, topped w/Sour Cream
Vegetarian -
Zucchini, Onions, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Cheese & Artichoke Hearts
Californian -
Artichoke Hearts, Mushrooms & Cheese, topped w/Sour Cream
Mushroom and Cheese -
Cheesy but "fun guy"

Heavenly Benedicts


(Eggs are basted) Served with Friar Potatoes or cottage cheese
(add Avocado $2.00 more)
Traditional Benedict -
English muffin, Canadian bacon, 2 eggs & Hollandaise Sauce
Veggie Benedict -
English muffin, sauteed artichoke hearts & mushrooms, 2 eggs & Hollandaise Sauce
American Benedict -
English muffin, turkey, tomatoes & cheese, 2 eggs & Hollandaise Sauce
Eggs Florentine -
English muffin topped with sauteed spinach & mushrooms, 2 eggs & Hollandaise Sauce

Gourmet Pancakes

Full Stack (3)$8.95
Short Stack (2)$6.95
$$$$ - Cakes (6-$$ cakes)$6.95
Banana Pancakes - Yes, in the batter!$9.95
Blueberry (2) Yes, the berries are in the batter!$9.95
Blueberry & Banana Pancakes$10.95
Banana & Walnut Pancakes$10.95
Chocolate Chip Pancakes$10.95
Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes$10.95


Golden Brown Waffle$8.95
Walnut/Raisin Waffle -
(the fruit & nuts are in the batter)
Blueberry Waffle$10.95
Pecan Waffle $10.95
2 eggs & choice of Bacon, Canadian Bacon, or Sausage Add 4.00

French Toast

We still make our French toast the good old fashion way!
Thick egg-bread, battered and grilled to perfection, then dusted with cinnamon and powdered sugar.
Full Order (6 halves)$9.95
Small Order (4 halves)$7.95
French Toast Combo -
4 halves, 2 eggs with choice of 2 strips of Bacon, Canadian Bacon or Sausage


Frosted Flakes$4.95
Raisin Bran$4.95
Rice Chex (Glutten Free)$4.95

Meat Sides

Bacon (4 pieces)$3.95
Canadian Bacon (4 strips)$3.95
Corn Beef Hash$3.95
Sausage Patties$3.95
Ham Steak$3.95


Side of Tomatoes$2.00
Friar Potatoes$3.50
Sliced Avocado$2.00
Cottage Cheese$3.00
Side of Salsa$1.00
English Muffin$1.95
Side of Hollandaise$4.50
Two Eggs$3.50
One Egg$2.50


Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, & Whipped Cream or Milk (whole milk only)$2.50
Juice, cranberry, orange, apple, grapefruit, tomato, V8Small $2.00
Large $4.25
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Bear, Ice Tea, Lemonade, Arnold Palmer$2.50
Bottled Water, Sparkling Water, or Pot of hot Water$1.50

Gluten-Free Bread add $2.00

SORRY, WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS No Substitutions, please • Any changes constitute a la carte prices • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone • We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles Sales tax is added to all taxable items • $1.00 charge for extra plate • $3.00 extra for split-orders • 18% gratuity added for parties of 5 or more Table service $2.50 minimum per person Wild children will be tolerated for an extra charge of $50.00 • If you are not nice….we will not serve you!

Consumer Advisory: Consumption of undercooked meat, poultry, eggs, or seafood may increase the risk of foodborne illnesses. Alert your server if you have special dietary requirements

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